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Updated: Mar 4

Inspiring Interior Home Decorating Ideas - Home Decor Starting Point Ideas for Your Next Decorating Project. Need a shot of inspiration? I found the blog of all blogs - Better Homes and Gardens has compiled the top ten home influences. It's a great place to start for inspiration. Read on, get inspired... then call me 0415 525 484! Let's work together to fix up your home and create functional spaces you are proud of.


Here Are the Top 10 Home Influencers

Home design bloggers are taking the world by storm. Here are the best of the best, according to Forbes.By Hannah Bruneman

#1 Grace Bonney

Grace's daily blog Design*Sponge landed her in the top spot on the Forbes list of home influencers. Since 2004, Grace has provided her millennial readership with impressive home tours, trends, and profiles on the people who make design great. Grace herself has an impressive background working for several homemaker publications and has been featured on several leading talk shows. Check out her blog to learn more about the design world and the creative minds behind it. 

#2 Elsie Larson

Elsie and her sister Emma have made a design splash with their blog A Beautiful Mess, which is so much more than your average DIY blog. The duo has successfully created a lifestyle company centered around all things do-it-yourself. Expanding their reach to include projects like Instagram-worthy food and homemade beauty products, these sisters really can make it all. Visit A Beautiful Mess for unexpected gems like a disco ball hanging planter and many more creative projects. 

#3 Kate Albrecht

Mr. Kate is a blog that lives by the philosophy, "Because why not?" Kate started as a jewelry designer and quickly established herself in the celebrity crowd. But jewelry is only the tip of the iceberg. Kate's blog follows her journey of becoming a self-taught interior designer. She loves pops of color, bold paint, and being a creative junkie. Check out Mr. Kate for all her fun projects that will make you think, "Why not?"

#4 Paloma Contreras

Thanks to the success of her design blog, Paloma is a sought-after interior designer. However, her clientele hasn't distracted her from where she got started. La Dolce Vita provides a unique perspective to contemporary trends and elegant design. Paloma's style is polished down to the details and her blog is equally as charming. 

#5 Will Taylor

Will's specialty is color, and it's easy to see why. His blog Bright.Bazaar is refreshingly colorful and perfectly resembles his preppy style. With odes to a nautical lifestyle and lots of stripes, Will uses his personal design style to inspire readers. But his blog doesn't stop there. Will shares all aspects of his life from how he dresses to his favorite ways to stay active. This bustling New York City gentleman is one to keep on your design radar. 

#6 Bri Emery

Designlovefest is the brainchild of Bri Emery, a happy-go-lucky creative director with a love for color and all things happy. Bri focuses on what she likes most, which is a combination of style, home design, and everything in-between. Browse her social media sites and you'll see what's behind her eccentric style—lots of positive vibes, sunshine, and millennial pink.

#7 Emily Henderson

Since launching her self-titled blog, Emily Henderson has won a televised design competition, hosted TV shows, become a New York Times bestseller, and started her own design firm. Her brand is full of playful decor, calming colors, and hints of gold. Emily is an unmistakable style expert and we love learning from her decor chronicles on her personal blog. 

#8 Jennifer Hadfield

What better name to give this mother-of-four's blog than Tatertots and Jello. Encompassing all lifestyle topics, Jennifer uses her blog to discuss her home, DIY projects, tasty recipes, and anything else sparked by her creative imagination. Tatertots and Jello brings out the kid in all of us and reminds us that there is something beautiful in everything. 

#9 Reichel Broussard

So many people assume quality home decor comes at a hefty price, but Reichel disagrees. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Reichel started her blog Copy Cat Chic as a way to share the bargains she found. Her cost-effective ideas and advice inevitably caught on, and from there her blog took off. Today, Reichel continues to find luxe looks for less and is paving the style path for homeowners of all budgets. 

#10 Coco Cozy

Television executive and interior design blogger Coco does it all. She started her blog Coco Cozy in 2008 as a creative outlet and it soon gained the attention of a large audience she continues to reach each day. Her success led to partnerships with Tommy Hilfiger and her very own textile collection. This chic blogger has a sense of humor and the talent to take her to the next level.

Style Tips and Expert Advice

Designer and blogger Erin Gates offers tips and tricks on where to go for decorating inspiration, plus how to pull a look together.

By Hannah Bruneman

If you've inspired by these Home Decorating Ideas...... then call me 0415 525 484! Together we can work towards fixing up your home to create functional spaces for you and your family.

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